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  • Tim Kraemer

Monthly Maintenance at Home

We all have our own styles when it comes to cleaning and maintaining our homes. Some of us break up chores and delegate them to family members. Some people do one chore a day while others do a full house cleaning in one day. Whatever your style may be, there are some things you should be doing monthly to keep your home clean and safe.

In the kitchen every month:

· Look under the sink and check for any leaks. Check around the dishwasher and refrigerator for leaks.

· Clean out the refrigerator and freezer, wipe them down and clear any frost. Dispose of any expired food items.

· Clean the exhaust fan filter and fan blades.

· Clean the faucet aerator with vinegar to get rid of mineral deposits.

· Clean the garbage disposal.

· Vacuum the refrigerator coils.

· Check any water filters you have, replace when needed.

In the bathroom:

· Check around the sink, shower/tub and toilet for any leaks.

· Clean the exhaust fan.

· Clean the shower and sink faucet aerators with vinegar to get rid of mineral deposits.

· Check the grout for cracks.

In the laundry room:

· Check around the washer and sink for any water leaks.

· Check the dryer vent to make sure it is clear.

· Clean your washing machine. Most machines come with wash instructions/settings.

In other areas:

· Check the HVAC air filter. Some filters may need to be replaced every month.

· Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

· Clean air vents/heat registers.

· Pour water down any drains that are not regularly used.

These are some simply monthly tasks that can keep your house looking nice and working efficiently. They’ll also help you to realize if there is a small leak, crack or repair needed before it turns into a big and costly project. What else would you add to your monthly home maintenance list?

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