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New Build Must Knows

Building a new home can be an exciting adventure. From choosing the land to choosing the paint colors and everything in between. A new build home can be your way of truly expressing your style. But building a new home can also be a very stressful experience. If you are entering into the process of building a new home, make sure you are in the know about the following things.

Know your crew. Make sure you do your research and choose a building crew that you can rely on. The last thing you want is to make a down payment on work that will never get done. Use the internet, ask around, use your resources and find a match that is right for you. Don’t pick a company that specializes in farmhouse style homes if you are looking for a modern edgy look.

Know there are MANY little details. Just when you think you’ve made all of your choices for the project, another question will pop up for you to make yet another decision. There are many, many little details that go into a new build. From materials to colors and beyond. Be prepared to have to make many decisions on the tiny little details.

Know that things get messy. You’re dreaming of your gorgeous new home and you pull up to the lot only to find what looks like a half destroyed sort of building. Be prepared for the messy stages. Building a home makes a big mess. And things really don’t pull together until the very end. Get comfortable with the idea that building from the ground up will take patience and a sense of vision. There will be lots of awkward progress, sawdust, piles of garbage, etc. along the way.

Know that things don’t always go as planned. Keep in mind that most new build projects don’t go perfectly. No matter how good of a crew you have, there is bound to be a problem at some point. Be prepared for setbacks and frustrations. Remember that you want your new home built right and well and that may come with a few setbacks along the way.

Know that no question is stupid. The building process can be overwhelming. And since you are investing a lot of time and money into your new home, you have the right to know every little detail along the way. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions. The more you know, the better. Don’t ever assume anything. Ask and ask again until you are certain you have the answer.

When you are entering into a new build project, use the above advice and make sure you are in the know.

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