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  • Tim Kraemer

New Construction Homeowner Mistakes

Building a new construction home can be a dream come true. You get to choose all the details of your future home and build it to suit your family’s needs. But often times new construction homeowners get too excited with the process and forget to take into account all the fine details of the project. Read on to find the little details all new construction homeowners should be taking care of.

Detail #1: Creating the Floorplan. It can be dreamy to sketch up a spacious floorplan, but more space equals more cost. Not only will a larger floorplan drive up construction costs, it will also end up driving up living costs such as utilities and maintenance. Make smart use of your indoor spaces and really think through how much space you’ll want to clean, heat/cool and maintain.

Detail #2: Reviewing the contract. Before you have your builder break ground make sure you have reviewed your contract. The contract should include details on costs, deliverables and what will happen if things go wrong with the project. Most builders supply their own contract, but if yours does not make sure to have a lawyer draft one up for the project. It’s also not a bad idea to have a lawyer review the contract with you before the project starts to make sure you know exactly what you are getting yourself in to.

Detail #3: Reviewing the budget. Once your building project begins there are bound to be changes along the way. Each time your builder has to make a change within the project it is called a change order. Once you sign off or verbally agree to a change order, this will directly affect your budget as well. Make sure you are frequently checking in on your project and its changes that happen along the way to make sure you are sticking within your original budget.

Don’t let the excitement of a new construction project cause you to overlook the important details. Stay in the know with your project so you can keep on budget, keep your stress down and move into your dream home soon!

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