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New Lawn Care

New Lawn Care

Caring for a new lawn or any yard for that matter does not have to be complicated. To keep a new lawn growing strong and lush keep the basic needs of grass in mind: grooming, water and fertilizer.

When it comes to lawn care, most people mow their grass too short. Using the highest setting on your mower (or a setting which cuts only the top 1/3 of the grass) is recommended. Taller grass promotes better root development and will shade the ground so it does not dry out so fast. Taller grass also blocks the sun, choking out weeds. Cutting grass shorter will not save you time from mowing either. Grass grows just as fast no matter what height you cut it.

Watering can be confusing. How often and how much? With newly seeded lawns you will want to water every day for 5-10 minutes-just long enough to dampen the seeds without causing them to wash away. Once the seeds sprout and there is ½ inch of grass you should water once a day for 15-20 minutes. Once the lawn is established, watering once a week with a deep soak is a good routine. A single, deep soak will help get to the roots deeper in the soil rather than multiple shallow watering sessions.

Spring, midsummer and fall are all good times to fertilize your lawn. Today’s soils lack micronutrients which are vital for grass growth and health. Using a fertilizer with micronutrients such as copper, iron and sulfur during these times throughout the year can give your soil the boost it needs to grow a lush, healthy lawn.

Keeping your lawn looking nice and growing green does not have to be complicated. Just keep in mind the three basics: grooming, water and fertilizer and you’ll have a healthy, lush lawn in no time.

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