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  • Tim Kraemer

Planning to Build - When to Consult a General Contractor

When planning a project like a new build house, remodel, or addition it is always a good idea to consult with a general contractor (GC). The general contractor will step in and be the overall manager of your project-coordinating labor, procurement of materials needed and all other activities involved in successfully completing the project. This is especially important when planning a project that involves a full or partial exposure basement.

Consulting with a general contractor (especially when planning for a basement) can save you time and money. The GC will evaluate grades of the lot and determine what is possible. Establishing and planning proper grades is a vital step in the construction process. Proper grading will allow for water to shed away from the house. The grading will also determine the layout of the house and basement exposure. If planned right this step can save on excavation costs as well.

So when should you contact the GC? Contacting a general contractor before the project has started is the best time. This way the GC can manage the entire project, work with the proper subcontractors, and help you through the entire process.

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