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  • Tim Kraemer

Prairie Du Sac, WI Home Builder

Are you looking for a Prairie Du Sac, WI home builder?

Are you also looking to build or buy a new home and want to make sure it’s of high quality? But you just aren’t quite sure exactly what to look for to ensure you’re getting the quality you want? Look no further, below we share what we consider to be indicators of high quality construction.

To start, examine the interior and exterior of the home. Check the windows and doors specifically. Being an item of your home which covers both interior and exterior you’ll want to look for quality here! Not only for aesthetic purposes, these items will help you avoid leaks and save energy…and money! Check to ensure all the windows and doors are fully wrapped in trim. Examine the exterior door, a solid core exterior door is what you’re looking for. As for the windows, look for dual-glazed windows.

Moving inside the home, next take a look at the surfaces throughout the house. Seeing that floors and counters get daily use, you’ll want them to be made of a material that will stand the test of time. For countertops look for materials such as granite or quartz. For flooring look for ceramic or porcelain tiling or laminate flooring that is at least 12mm thick.

Another factor which sets apart high quality construction are the little details. Take a look inside the closets and pantry, if these spaces are finished you’re likely in a high quality space. Look in the garage, a quality garage will be insulated, dry walled, taped and mudded. Check for cleanly caulked edges on bathtubs, tilework and trim.

High quality construction is not hard to find you just have to know what you’re looking for! If you are in the Prairie Du Sac, WI area, contact us if you’re interested in having us build your high quality construction home.

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