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  • Tim Kraemer

Pre-Vacation To-Do’s at Home

Summer tends to be a time for road trips and vacations. Especially in Wisconsin as the snow is finally gone!! Packing up and getting away can be an exciting and busy time. To ease the stress that comes along with a trip, there are some things you should be doing at home before you hit the road! Read on for a list of often forgot about pre-vacation to-dos at home.

· Keep up on laundry. There is nothing worse than coming back from vacation to a heaping pile of dirty, stinky laundry. Plan ahead and leave with minimal clothes in the dirty basket. Plus, you will likely be returning with dirty laundry from your trip, this way you can toss it right in the washer when you get back home.

· Make sure windows are closed and locked…for obvious reasons.

· Flush the toilet! Sounds a little ridiculous, right?! But make sure everyone flushes before you hit the road. A dirty toilet left standing for days, especially in the heat of summer, can cause a major stink fest for you when you get back home.

· Clean out the fridge and pantry. Do your best to eat up foods that will perish while you are away. The night before or day of leaving, toss or give away any items you haven’t eaten that will go bad.

· Take out the garbage’s! Once you’ve cleaned out the fridge, take out all the garbage.

· Do the dishes.

· Check the kitchen sink. Make sure there aren’t any chunks of food sitting in the sink drain or garbage disposal. Run some water to make sure things are flushed out. You can also sprinkle some baking soda down the drain to help eliminate odor build up while you are away.

· Turn off and unplug unnecessary items. Toaster, coffee maker, lamps, tv’s…anything not necessary to keep the house functioning while you are way.

· Check the thermostat. No sense in running the A/C on full blast while you are way.

· Have a plan for pets and plants. Have a pet sitter? Someone to water all the flowers in your yard?

· And lastly, double check to make sure you won’t be forgetting about any bills while you are away!

Plan ahead and you could come back from vacation to a stress free, stink free, clean home!

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