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  • Tim Kraemer

Preparing Your Home for Winter

It’s now officially fall which means it’s time to start preparing for the Wisconsin winter ahead. Though you may not want to be thinking about the cold and snow yet, now is the time to get your home prepared. The following three tasks will help you keep your utility bills down and protect your home this winter.

Task #1: Get your heating system inspected by a professional. Technicians will check your heat pump or furnace and make sure everything is in working order, clean and working as efficiently as possible. Inspections also check for carbon-monoxide leaks. Taking the time and little bit of money (typically an inspection costs $80-100) now will save you from having to wait for tech to come do repairs on the coldest day of winter.

Task #2: Reverse your ceiling fans. If you are ceiling fan users throughout winter, it is important that you run the blades in a clockwise direction. The fan running in this direction will produce and updraft and push down heated air. Most ceiling fans have a switch to change the blade direction. One little flip of a switch can be a money saver.

Task #3: Clean your gutters. Going into winter with full gutters can cause water to back up leading to leaks, ice dams and damage to your siding and roofing. Once again taking the time and money (gutter cleaning can range from $70-225+ depending on the house size) will save your home from potential damage this winter.

Three tasks that will take a little time and a little money can make a huge difference for your expenses this winter. Plan ahead and make sure your home is prepared for the upcoming Wisconsin winter, after all they are predicting above average snowfall this year!

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