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  • Tim Kraemer

Project Lead Time

In construction a lead time is the time that a client must wait between when a project is initiated and when the project can actually start all the way up to the time the project is finished. The lead time is dependent on when the builder can get materials and subcontractors for the project.

So how are lead times determined?

Often times the condition of the housing market is the strongest factor that influence lead times.

For example, if you want a new build home you will need plenty of lumber which means your contractor will need to reach out to a supplier and place a lumber order. If that supplier has a backlog of orders or shortage of supplies, your contractor will have to wait for the supplier to catch up before they can actually get started on your project.

There are other circumstances that can affect lead times such as inclement weather, transportation delays, etc.

This is why it is important to make decisions on materials right away so your contractor can get everything ordered.

Lead times are unavoidable in today’s market, so it is important to understand why lead times happen and why a construction project takes time.

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