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Questions to Ask When Selling Real Estate

Following after the theme of last week’s blog, which you can see here:

We’ve compiled some questions you will want to ask either before making the decision to sell real estate or during the selling process.

Logistics: Questions to Ask

· How will you cover selling costs? Selling costs include items like realtor’s commissions, staging/home preparation costs, repair costs, home ownership and overlap costs, closing costs, etc.

· When the time comes to move out, where will you go?

· Do you have pets that will need to be relocated for inspections and showings?

The Piece of Real Estate: Questions to Ask

· Is it in selling condition? Think both esthetically as well as structurally.

· How’s the curb appeal? Is the yard an eye sore?

· Does the inside need a good cleaning? Is the inside cluttered?

· Will you get an inspection before putting it on the market? This is a great idea as you can then get ahead on any necessary repairs.

· Who will inspect the home? Make sure you do your research and choose a dependable inspector. Also, consider being there for the actual inspection. Follow the inspector around and ask questions. This way you will fully understand the findings and what needs to be done.

· How will you take care of any repairs needed after the inspection?

The Market: Questions to Ask

· What’s the current real estate market like in your area?

· How does your piece of real estate size up to those around? Is it similar?

· How will you get on the market? Will you sell by owner? Use the help of a professional?

The Agent: Questions to Ask

· How will you find an agent to work with? Make sure you don’t choose blindly. Make sure your listing agent is someone you want to work with!

· When considering different agents ask them things such as: How long have you been selling homes? How often do you sell in this neighborhood? How long do your homes typically stay on the market? What percentage of commission do you take?

These are just some ideas to get your mind thinking! The list of questions you can ask when selling real estate is endless! Remember, you can never ask too many questions.

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