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Remodeling Ideas

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Remodeling Ideas.  From a simple update of paint and trim to a full-fledged re-do of the master bathroom, remodeling projects come in all shapes and sizes.  With changes in the seasons we often crave change in our lives.  Does the newness of spring leave you wanting a new, fresh feeling in your home?

Spring is a popular time for construction and household projects.  Particularly, being in Wisconsin means we usually have to wait until spring to get a project started, because the weather simply keeps us from most construction projects in the winter.  If you’ve got remodeling on your mind, we’d like you to keep the following remodeling ideas in mind.

Type of Remodel

What type of remodel are you wanting to do?  An aesthetic renewal with fresh paint and trim?  Tear down a wall and make the living room more grand?  Gut the kitchen and start fresh?  Add on that extra room you’ve been dreaming of for years?  Are you in for a quick, easy remodel or a lengthy project which could potentially run into trouble?


Keep in mind the current style of your home.  If you live in a mid-century farm home, would it really make sense to put in a new and modern kitchen?  Would it flow with the rest of the home?  If you had to sell your home in the future, would the style of the remodel confuse potential buyers?


Like any other project, you’ll need to budget.  There’s a rule that says you should plan a budget for your project and then add on an extra 5% for unexpected expenses.

Plan, Plan, Plan

To start, plan out the remodel.  What exactly do you want to have done?  What type of materials and work will be needed to accomplish this?  Will you be buying new décor, appliances, flooring, etc.  Once you have a good idea of what you want to have done, find your people.  Figure out who is going to complete the project.  One person/company or multiple?  Do your research and find someone who suits your needs.  Once you’ve got the details of the project lined up, plan out how you are going to LIVE through the remodel.  Redoing the kitchen?  How will you feed yourself and family while the kitchen is torn apart?  Have children or pets?  How will the construction affect them?  The workers will likely show up early, stay late, and make lots of noise.  Is it realistic for you to stay in your home while the remodeling takes place, or is it better to relocate to your parents or friend’s basement for a while?

Prep Your Space

Once you’ve got all the above details worked out and the project is about to begin, prep your home for construction.  Move any fragile décor that will be in the path of the project.  Remove excess clutter that could get in the worker’s way.  Cage up pets or put them in a room that workers won’t need access to.  And be prepared to have a messy and dusty home during the process!

Remodeling Ideas.  So many possibilities!  Remodels can really add value, space, and newness to your home.  With proper planning, the process can be smooth and livable!

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