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  • Tim Kraemer

Repair Despair

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

In today’s world we have instant access to a plethora of information via the internet.  It’s often handy, but can sometimes lead us to making silly decisions.  Have you ever used Google, Pinterest, or any other website to guide you in a house project or repair?

Though the internet can be a handy resource, we want you to be aware of the common mistakes people make while trying to tackle their home repair projects. We’ve compiled a list of things to consider before you tackle your next DIY/repair project.

  • Time: Do you really have the time to commit to not only starting, but finishing this project? Projects often take longer than we anticipate.  Is it something that can wait until you find the time? Or is it a pressing matter?

  • Cost: Have you looked in to how much this is going to cost you? Again, we often underestimate how much time and money a project will take.  If you are an amateur DIYer you could be setting yourself up for disappointment and despair if you greatly underestimate your project budget.  Think big when budgeting.  There’s nothing wrong with having money left afterwards.  Don’t dig yourself into debt by being stubborn and doing a project wrong, then having to pay someone to make it right.

  • Tools: Do you have the necessary tools to properly and safely complete the project? Tools can be expensive.  And it you want to do it right, you better have the proper tools.  Trust us, that “drill” you got at the discount store likely will just leave you with a bigger mess.  Make the commitment to do it right.

  • Quality: Quality ties in to it all. Are you willing to spend a little more to get quality tools and supplies to help you get the job done right?  Are you willing to take a little extra time to make sure you do quality work?  Why waste your time and money doing something mediocre just to have to deal with it again in the near future.

  • Measuring: They always say measure twice, cut once. Make sure you are looking at the big picture of the project and getting accurate measurements.  You don’t want to build something only to find it doesn’t fit because you measured wrong.

  • Safety: This is a category we can’t stress enough. Are you able to safely complete this project?  Do you have the proper equipment?  Are you working with electricity?  Do you know how to work safely with electricity?  If you are digging do you know where the hazards are in your yard?  Power tools are a hazard if you are unfamiliar with the proper uses of them.  The list goes on.  And we don’t want you to wire, build, or install something that is going to be a safety hazard for you and your family.

In a world full of immediate information, we need to take caution in what we choose to use.  Before you start your next project, think about all the factors that tie into it.  And when in doubt, get a professional opinion.  We hope you aren’t dealing with any repair despair.

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