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Residential Construction Prairie Du Sac

Residential Construction Prairie Du Sac

Here at Kraemer Homes we specialize in new construction custom homes including residential construction in Prairie Du Sac.

As a company specializing in new build construction, we recognize that the construction process can be overwhelming and confusing to those unfamiliar with the industry.

So we’ve broken down the process to help you better understand the stages of residential construction.

Understanding the Stages of Residential Construction

Pre-Building: The location needs to be chosen and purchased, designs of the home need to be drawn and building permits need to be secured. The construction process can then start.

Stage 1: Site Clearance

The first step in any construction work is to clear the lot from any unwanted grass, boulders, trees, hills, etc.

Stage 2: Breaking Ground & Excavation

Once the site is cleared, the layout of the home can begin to be excavated. Here is where the foundation is dug and the lot is graded to prevent backfilling into the home.

Stage 3: Foundation and Structure

Once dug, the foundation is then poured and structure starts to take place with columns and beams placed. Next come walls and the roof.

Stage 4: Electrical and Plumbing

Once the foundation and structure take place, next up is electrical and plumbing work. The “guts” of the house which will be built into the walls and eventually covered with drywall.

Stage 5: Plastering/Drywalling

Next up the drywall gets put on the walls making the interior of the home start to take shape.

Stage 6: Interior finishes

Once drywalled, flooring gets installed, rooms get painted, cabinets are installed, and lighting fixtures are installed.

The timeline of these stages can vary depending on the availability of subcontractors and availability of building materials.

If you are looking for residential construction in the Prairie Du Sac area, contact us today!

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