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Resources for Planning a New Build Home

Building a new home is a process which involves a lot of details. This process can get overwhelming very quickly. Staying on top of all the different resources you will need is an effective way to ensure that your project goes smoothly.

So what type of resources will you need to utilize for a new build project? Read on to find out!

Resources for Planning a New Build Home

1. Finance-Building a home involves a lot of expenses including things such as land purchase costs, design fees, permit fees, building costs, etc. Find a reliable lender and be sure you’re finances are secured before the project begins.

2. Land-Before you can build you will need the land on which to build. Not only do you just need land, but you need to make sure your plot is zoned residential-meaning it is legal to build a house on the land. You’ll also want to address any issues with the land such as drainage or the need for demolition prior to starting a new build project.

3. Design-Figure out who will design your home. Will you work directly with an architect for a custom-design or will you choose a pre-made design. Or will you work with your builder for your designing?

4. Permits-You will need to get a permit from your local authorities for building. Typically a full copy of the house plans is assess and checked against local building regulations prior to the project start this way is any alterations to the design need to take place, you are aware before the project begins.

5. Builder-Unless you plan to do the work yourself you will need a builder for your project! A builder is needed to manage the actual construction process and coordinate material and labor resources on-site.

If you are thinking about a new build project, keep in mind the details that go with the project and keep your resources organized. Consider us for your next new build project!

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