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  • Tim Kraemer

Spring Cleaning Odds & Ends

As we wrap up the month of March we are wrapping up our spring cleaning series here on the blog. So far this year we’ve covered kitchen spring cleaning along with living and sleeping space spring cleaning. To end the series this year, we took a look at the most commonly missed areas of the home that should be included in spring cleaning. Read on to see if you are forgetting any of these most commonly missed spring cleaning tasks.

Missed area #1: The washing machine. Think about it. You put dirty clothes in the machine, all that dirt and grime has to go somewhere! Washing the machine will help keep odors at bay, keep your clothes from getting stained and keep your machine running at its best. Most washing machines have a cleaning cycle and/or cleaning instructions. Use the instructions provided for your specific washer for best results.

#2: The dryer. Though the dryer is drying clean clothes, this is where the leftover lint and hair ends up. Checking the dryer vent to ensure there is no lint build up is a crucial item to add to your list. Not only will having a clean vent help your dryer work more efficiently, it will decrease the risk of fire. Once again, follow the vent cleaning instructions according to your machine for best results.

#3: The HVAC/furnace system. After a winter of heating your home, your system is bound to be dusty. Now is the time to dust the vents and replace the filter.

#4: The vacuum. You use the vacuum to clean, but are you using a dirty vacuum? Most vacuums now have reusable filters/canisters which can easily be washed at home with soap and water. Following your instruction manual on cleaning your vacuum is recommended.

Above are some of the most commonly missed spring cleaning tasks. Have you been forgetting about any of these areas in your home?!

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