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Spring Cleaning Round-Up

The past few weeks have featured blogs about spring cleaning safety, tips and tricks. For the last blog of this series, we will leave you with some ideas for organization, de-cluttering, and freshening up your home. May we present to you the spring cleaning round-up.

Organization: A task that is often overwhelming.

Do you struggle to keep things organized throughout your home? Organization can be overwhelming, especially if you are looking to completely overhaul a space. To keep the stress to a minimum, go into the project with the mindset that things will get worse before they get better. To truly reorganize a space, you need to take everything out of its place, assess what you have, and make a plan of how you are going to re-organize. This part of the process is often the most overwhelming because it makes a mess and there is really no way around it. If you go into the project knowing things are going to get a bit messy and unorganized for a while you will likely feel less stressed about the whole situation.

There are many, many, many ways to organize. The key is to find a solution that works for your household. Maybe you like boxes and bins. Maybe labeled shelving or totes. There are many ideas on the internet for organization. Before you jump in to a project, search for the right fit for you and make a plan.

If you are low on budget, try to repurpose things you already have around the house. Still have cardboard boxes laying around from the holidays? Perhaps you could repurpose them to organize a closet or space in the garage. Have an unused bookshelf? Could you move it to a closet or different room for storage use? Think outside the box (or should we say inside the box?!).

Plan. Sort. Organize.

De-Cluttering: A dreadful task.

De-cluttering a space can be dreadful. Do you have a drawer or closet that is the catch-all for things you aren’t quite sure what to do with? Or perhaps your wardrobe is too full with things you haven’t worn in years. Much like organization, decluttering can be overwhelming and messy. But it can be very rewarding. Getting rid of clutter could not only clean up your home, it could clear up your mind as well.

When decluttering a space, use the one-year rule. If you haven’t touched the item in one year, do you really need to keep it? Make piles of items you are going to keep, items you will donate and items you will simply throw away.

Plan. Sort. Keep, donate or throw.

Freshening Up: A way to give your home a new feeling.

Freshening up a room can be a great way to give yourself a feeling a newness in a space. Some ideas on how to freshen up a room include: some new wall décor, a fresh coat of wall paint, a new bedspread, a new accent rug, painting existing furniture, changing a lighting fixture or even just rearranging furniture.

Plan. Execute. Enjoy a freshened room.

May your spring cleaning leave your home feeling organized, de-cluttered and fresh.

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