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Staging Your Home for a Successful Sell

When it comes to selling your home, there’s nothing more stressful than time on the market without interested buyers. Having your home staged while on the market is something you should consider if you are looking to sell quickly. To help increase your likelihood of selling, use the following staging ideas to get your home market ready.

To start, let’s talk curb appeal. First impressions are big in the world of real estate. Make sure your home is inviting right from the curb. Keep your driveway and yard clutter free. Make sure the lawn is cared for and the path to the front door is open yet inviting. A simple potted plant or seasonal décor by the front door is a good idea. If it is near the holidays, don’t go crazy with yard decorations. Make sure the focus is on the house as a whole, don’t leave any eye sores out in the open.

Moving inside the home there are 5 main ideas you should stick with.

1: Clear Clutter. It’s awfully difficult to image living in a home that is cluttered with other people’s lives. Pack up all the extra clutter in every single room. Don’t just hit the main areas. The buyers want a clear look at the entire home, so give them what they want! This includes closets! If you aren’t comfortable leaving a closet open during showings, then it’s not clean enough!

2: Make the home seem lived in. But you just told me to pack up all my stuff, right?! So we did, but now we want you to strategically place a few items around the home. Place a vase of flowers on the dining room table. Put a candle on the coffee table. Use a bowl of fresh fruit as a center piece in the kitchen. Hang a few articles of clothing in the closets. Get the idea? Make your home feel comfortably lived in, without seeming cluttered.

3: Go Neutral. When you can, choose neutral colors and decorations. Eliminate using specifically stylish pieces. This will help potential buyers envision their style in the home.

4: Give every room a purpose. We all have that one room that ends up being the catch all room. But when staging for a sale, use the extra room more purposefully. Take out the desk and turn it into a guest room. Or leave the desk and turn it into an office. Work with what furniture you have, or look into renting some pieces. Giving each space in the home a definitive purpose really helps potential buyers envision the use of every room.

5: Check your senses. Take the time to go through every room and scan it with both your eyes, ears and nose. Look at the room from floor to ceiling and make sure every room is staged and ready. Listen for any noises that need to be taken care of, like a ceiling fan that should’ve been fixed years ago or a squeaky door that just needs a little grease. Lastly, give every room the smell test and make sure potential buyers aren’t going to find unpleasant odors.

Staging a home can be just the ticket to a successful sale. Use these helpful tips and you’ll be moving on before you know it!

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