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  • Tim Kraemer

Starting the School Year at Home

As we reach mid-August in Wisconsin, it is a typical time for families to start to think about starting the new school year. With the school year comes new schedules, new wake times and new routines. Whether you are a student yourself, a teacher/staff member at a school or have children in school this change affects everyone in the house! Below are some tips you can use around your home to help transition into the new school year.

· Start a bedtime routine before school starts. If you wait until the first day of school, no one in the house is going to be used to the routine. Start it a few weeks early to help ease the transition. Find it hard to get to bed early enough due to the evenings still being light? Try adding blackout curtains in the bedroom to eliminate the daylight. Make it a habit to pull the shades around the main living space in the house to make it feel a little darker before it actually is.

· Create a homework space. Whether it’s the kitchen table, a desk, etc. Create a space that is clear of clutter and distractions. Have handy anything you may need for homework-pens, pencils, computer, etc. If you have little ones, have them help you create their own homework space that is exciting.

· Establish a backpack space. Whether it’s in the mudroom, on a hook in the hallway in the bedroom closet or in the homework space, make sure you establish a specific place where you will keep backpacks. This will ease the pain of having to find it in the morning!

· Dedicate a space for important papers. This could be anything from a simple folder on the counter to a decorative basket or hanging organization system. Once again, try to eliminate the opportunity for things to get misplaced!

· Think about your laundry routine. How often will you need to do laundry during the schoolyear? Will things need to be ironed for school? There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get dressed in the morning to find out what you need is dirty or wrinkly!

· Drive the route to school ahead of time. If you are attending a new school or living in a new location, make sure you test out your drive before the first day. This will give you an idea of traffic and what time you will need to leave each day.

Are you homeschooled or do you homeschool your children? These tips are still great for you! Though you don’t leave the house, you still need a school day routine! Whether you are a teacher/staff member, college student, parent of a grade school student or anything in between, these tips can help ease the transition into the new school year!

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