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Steps to Home Demolition

Have you ever considered building on a piece of land where demolition would need to take place before new construction could start? Though demolition itself is a pretty straightforward process, there are some steps you need to take prior to demolition to ensure the process goes safely and efficiently.

The following will walk you through the demolition process, step by step!

Step 1: Determine the type of demolition. Mechanical or by hand. Mechanical demolition is the most common type in which a building is torn down with the use of machinery such as excavators. This is the fastest and cheapest option for demolition. Deconstruction by hand is the process of manually stripping and deconstructing a house piece by piece. This is done with the intent to salvage as many materials as possible from the building. This process is labor intensive and can cost 2-3x more, it will also take longer.

Step 2: Find a demolition contractor. Make sure to choose someone who is licensed and insured.

Step 3: Have the building inspected. Before demolition most states require inspection to check for the presence of: asbestos, lead paint, mold, rotted wood and other hazardous materials.

Step 4: Acquire a permit. The exact permit needed will depend on your local and state laws and regulations. Often there are rules related to house demolition such as noise, hours of demolition, disposals of debris, etc.

Step 5: Disconnect services. Utilities and services need to be disconnected, this included water, electricity, sewage and gas.

After these five steps you should be ready for demolition. Keep in mind that after demolition the soil may need to be compacted to ensure there is a safe foundation for the new build.

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