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  • Tim Kraemer

Suburbs vs Exurbs: What’s the Difference?

City living means being near major employers, schools, hospitals and culture. But city living also means more noise, more people and a faster pace of life which just simply sounds undesirable to some. If city living is not for you, buying or building in the suburbs or exurbs may be more your speed. Plus, living outside major metropolitan areas can bring with it a new whole set of advantages!

Suburbs and exurbs came to be from the desire for more space and privacy but still being located within proximity of city features. Suburbs and exurbs share may similarities including less noise and pollution and more square footage. There are also some major differences between the two.

The biggest difference between suburbs and exurbs is where the communities are located. Suburbs lie just outside of the city, while exurbs are located further out. Exurbs are typically situated in more rural areas including areas with farmland.

Advantages of life in the suburbs include: entertainment, restaurants, and medical facilities are all still within a reasonable drive. Some suburbs have public transportation, though most people living in the suburbs will need a car. Suburb living may not be for those who are accustomed to the fast pace of the city.

Advantages of life in the exurbs include: more usable land, fewer industries, fewer nearby neighbors, less crime and less noise. Exurbs tend to be spread out and are less likely to have destinations within walking distance.

Both suburb and exurb housing demand is high with no signs of slowing down. As the demand for life outside the city remains high, these communities will continue to expand outward.

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