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Summertime Safety @ Home: Heat, Humidity and Fire

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

In the past few weeks we’ve focused the blogs on home safety.  This week we wrap up our Summertime Safety Series.  If you missed the first two, check them out here- #1 #2

To finish off, we’ll dive into a few odds and ends we haven’t covered yet.

First on the list, heat.  And although summertime in Wisconsin is usually not too hot, there are those days that reach temps higher than we’d like.  We’re basically high temperature rookies.  So let’s review some things you should keep in mind.  When temps rise, things stored in non-air conditioned areas will obviously be affected.  Beware that products kept in the garage for example may be under extra pressure in high temperatures.  Make sure if you keep containers of gas that they are vented containers allowing for pressure relief in temperature changes.  Check the pressure in the tires of your vehicle and bicycles in a heat wave.  Hot temperatures increase the air pressure and can cause over inflation.

Another thing to keep in mind during high temperatures is the fact that everything outside gets hot.  If you decide to take your kids to the playground, check the equipment and make sure it’s not going to burn the kiddos.  Consider the temperature of not only the air but the concrete/asphalt as well before taking yourself, family or furr babies out for a walk.

Along with summertime heat in Wisconsin comes humidity.  It’s not only an uncomfortable feeling, but also heightens the risk of heat exhaustion.  When the air is already full of moisture it takes longer for your sweat to evaporate, leading to slower body cooldown.  If you’re doing outdoor projects or activities in the humidity, take caution.

Now take that humidity indoors.  It’s important to keep the humidity out of your home for two main reasons-the health of your home and yourself.  Excess humidity can wreak havoc on your home.  It can lead to wood rot, damp spots, molds and corroding furniture.  As humidity feeds mold, humid indoor air can lead to respiratory infections and allergies.  To keep humidity levels down in your home, make sure there is good air flow.  Use vents/fans when showering and cooking.  Don’t leave piles of wet clothing lay around.  If you have air conditioning, this will help tremendously.  If you don’t have air conditioning, consider getting a dehumidifier.

Lastly, let’s wrap up with grilling/fire safety.  Did you know the leading causes of grill fires are failure to maintain a clean grill, grilling too close to something that could catch fire and leaving the grill unattended?  Grilling is a great way to enjoy a beautiful summer evening.  But don’t let this pastime turn into a nightmare.  Make sure the grill is free from surrounding flammable items.  Beware of gas leaks and use lighter fluid with caution.  Make sure you aren’t wearing baggy clothing that could easily catch on fire.  Keep children and pets away.  Be ready to put out a fire flare up if one were to arise.  Remember never use water on a grease fire.  Have baking soda ready to kill grease fires.

The hot and humid days of summer are just around the corner.  We hope you have a safe and fun summertime.

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