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  • Tim Kraemer

Technology in the Home

Remember the days when phones were attached to walls, internet was a luxury item and thermostats changed with a dial?! Technology was around, but didn’t invade our lives in so many ways. Nowadays technology is everywhere and with each passing day the world of technology gets bigger and better. Today we will briefly hit three of the most popular home technology items currently in the market.

Let’s start with speakers. Speakers today can do a lot more than just play music. They can listen and respond. With a simple phrase you can get the weather, latest news or even order items from sites such as Amazon. These smart speakers can be connected to your phone, television and even items such as lighting and the thermostat! A smart speaker can be the command center of your home technology.

Next up, lighting. Smart light bulbs are connected using wifi or Bluetooth and a device such as Amazon’s Alexa or Nest. They can be white or multicolored lights which can be controlled by either talking to your smart speaker or using your smartphone. They can also be programmed to turn on while you are away. Smart lightbulbs have a life span of over 20 years, so while the upfront cost of installation will be more, they are sure to last longer than the standard lightbulb in your home.

Last let’s talk security. Most smart home security systems available today are easy to install and easy to use. Once again, you can control some of these security systems through your smart speaker. With camera’s both inside and outside your home, you can log-on to your phone and check in no matter where you are. You can even set up door security and be able to lock doors remotely. Prices and devices out there vary from simple self-installation to full-out professional installation.

The world of technology is ever changing. And while some advances seem unnecessary, the three items above can really help keep your home safe and efficient! We encourage you to do your research on any smart home technology before you buy.

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