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  • Tim Kraemer

The Modern Farmhouse

The Modern Farmhouse: a cozy, classic look giving feelings of comfort and warmth with addition of modern touches such as straight lines and clutter free rooms.

Growing in popularity, modern farmhouse style is turning homes into places of charm and comfort. If you are interested in the look but not sure how to achieve it, below are elements that make the modern farmhouse look.

Color Palette: The color palette is of neutral tones including: beige, cream, sage and grey. Accent colors can be added-generally in deep, dark tones but the overall color palette should be kept neutral.

Materials: Materials are mixed using wood, barn board or shiplap, and wrought iron accessories. This mixture of materials helps create a look of depth. Generally, floors are wood with accent walls of barn board or shiplap. The metal is brought in with details such as lighting fixtures, hardware and railings.

Accessories: Accessories tie the look together. Think simple and cozy here. Big, comfortable furniture is found in the modern farmhouse. Textured fabrics in pillows, rugs, blankets, etc. help create more depth throughout the space. Accessories are kept to a minimum.

The modern farmhouse look creates a cozy, uncluttered vibe using mixed materials and tangible accessories. Does the modern farmhouse style appeal to you?

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