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The Schoolyard in Sauk City

The Schoolyard in Sauk City

Sauk City WI is a growing community set approximately 25 miles outside of Madison. A quiet city set next to the Wisconsin River, Sauk City will surely give you a feeling of comfort. It is the oldest incorporated village in Wisconsin and quickly growing into a larger community.

One of the newest additions to Sauk City is the Schoolyard community. This community is located on the land which used to be the Spruce Street Elementary school. With the school now demolished, the Schoolyard is a development with 23 lots many of which are still available for purchase.

People interested in purchasing a lot in the Schoolyard should be aware that there are covenants in place which will need to be followed when designing and building within the development.

The Schoolyard covenants include design details such as architectural style, yard details, and building materials. The approved architectural styles include craftsman, cape cod, colonial, bungalow, farmhouse and national folk.

Each home is to include a two car garage and constructed front porch. Homes in the development are to have standing seam metal roofs and concrete driveways. Vinyl siding is accepted but discouraged in the Schoolyard. Each home should have a minimum of three colors within the exterior scheme including the door, trim and house.

The Schoolyard in Sauk City is a wonderful addition to the community. With the covenants in place, this development is bound to be a beautiful neighborhood. For anyone looking to build in the Sauk City area, the Schoolyard is a great place to consider!

For more information on the Schoolyard visit their website:

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