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To Sell a Home in the Winter

Winter tends to be a slower time of year for real estate. Take the holiday season combined with snowy and cold weather, and you’ll find many people put off selling their home until spring. However, trends are showing that home sales in the winter months are increasing. If you are looking to sell your home, don’t let winter discourage you from putting your home on the market today.

Though the winter market is trending positively, you will need to put in a little extra work to get your home to stand out during the winter season. With a little planning and some hands on work your home can be ready to hit the winter market. Read on and use the following tips to sell a home in the winter.

· Keep the exterior clean. Be diligent about snow and ice removal. Not only do you want potential buyers to have a clear path to the front door, you also want it to look aesthetically pleasing from the road or driveway. Be cautious of where you pile snow and take note in making the exterior look clean. Watch for ice dams or icicle build ups and properly take care of them. Nothing turns off a potential buyer more than seeing an ice dam and thinking about potential water damage.

· Keep it bright. The winter days are often dreary and the amount of daylight is limited. Do your best to keep every room feeling bright. Open curtains/blinds and use accessory lamps to brighten up any dark areas. It is also helpful to having showings during the daytime if possible, so the sun is still shining. Use the daylight to your advantage when possible. If you have to schedule showings at night, be sure to use both exterior and interior lighting.

· Make it cozy. Adding a plush blanket to the couch or rearranging furniture to showcase a fireplace can be helpful during the winter months. Also, consider keeping the thermostat at a warm temperature. Making the home feel warm can be very inviting to potential buyers.

With a little extra effort, you can have your home ready to sell in the winter. With less homes on the market, it could just be the perfect time to showcase your home to potential buyers. Don’t let winter keep you from putting your home on the market.

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