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Transitioning Your Home for Fall

As the Fall season starts to settle in Wisconsin, it marks a time of transition. Soon the colors of Fall will appear. Schools are in session, football games are played and the air starts get that crisp feel. We start to transition our clothing, schedules and hobbies.

With the change in season there are some things you should be transitioning in and around your home as well. Below you will find a list of Fall Home Transitions.

Let’s start outside.

· Check flower beds, pots, gardens, etc. Start removing plants that are done for the season.

· Rake the lawn. Even before the leaves start to fall, get ahead of raking up any excess grass that may have accumulated over the summer.

· Start putting away summer items such as pools, extra seating, etc. Or at least plan out where you will store these items for the winter. If you purchased any new outdoor items over the summer, did you plan on winter storage?

· Check on your snow removal items-snow blower, shovels, plow, etc. Does anything need to be repaired or replaced?

· Check your gutters. Do they need to be cleaned out now or can they wait until after the leaves fall?

· Glance over the exterior of your home. Did your home get damaged at all through the summer storms? Check the seals around the windows and doors, the siding, the roof.

Moving indoors.

· Continue your assessment of windows, doors and walls on the inside of your home. Repairing seals now before the weather really cools down will be cost efficient.

· Time to check the furnace and get it cleaned up and serviced before winter.

· Check your dryer vent. Fall is a great time to get the vent cleaned before the snow falls.

· Check smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. Replace batteries as needed.

· Dust ceiling fans.

· Check all the lights in your home and replace bulbs. This is especially helpful as the days are getting darker again.

The above are just a few ideas to get you going on your Fall transitions throughout your home. What would you add to our list?

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