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  • Tim Kraemer

Tray versus Coffered Ceiling

For the month of February our Wednesday blogs will feature two different types of ceilings. We will compare the two and then we’ll let you choose which one you’d rather use!

Tray Ceiling versus Coffered Ceiling

A look at Tray Ceilings:

Tray ceilings are ceilings with a built in cut that resemble a tray. They typically have rectangular centers that are either popped out or inverted to add effect and depth to a room. Tray ceilings give a unique look to a room which can make a smaller room look taller/bigger. The cut depth is usually 6 inches to a foot. There can be one step or multiple steps for a more dramatic look. Tray ceilings are often paired with decorative moldings. They can typically be found in dining rooms and kitchens.

An example of a tray ceiling.

A look at coffered ceilings:

Coffered ceilings are created with sunken panels accented with molding giving a waffle patterned look. Coffered ceilings used to be works of art made with prized wood or carved stone. Now they can be built at the cost of a suspended ceiling with simple materials. You will often find recessed lighting or chandelier styled lighting with coffered ceilings. This is a classic style that used to typically be found luxury or high-end homes but is now being used more frequently in standard homes.

An example of a coffered ceiling.

Which ceiling style would you choose?

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