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  • Tim Kraemer

Trends in Home Accessories

This week we are highlighting some of the most popular trends in home accessories.

Trend #1: Smart Devices. There are many, many different smart home gadgets out there today. From light bulbs, to security systems, to vacuums and everything in between. Smart home gadgets can help keep your home safe and efficient.

Trend #2: Cabinetry Hardware. Statement cabinetry hardware is in. Especially in hues of gold and bronze. A simple cabinet design with a statement hardware piece can really add a nice pop of flare to any room.

Trend #3: Dramatic Lighting. Vintage and rustic lighting pieces are all the rage right now. As room designs are trending to be more simplistic an addition of a dramatic light piece can add bright focus to a room.

Trend #4: Raised Garden Beds. Not only do raised garden beds make gardening a little easier to get at, they also add some design appeal to the yard.

Trend #5: Houseplants. Houseplants are a great addition to bring a feel of nature into any room. With more people focusing on keeping things earth-friendly, household plants are on the up rise again.

Are you liking of the current trends in home accessories?

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