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Weird Winter Odors in Your Home

The winter months have set in and now we find ourselves keeping our homes closed up tight. Windows don’t typically get opened again until spring arrives. And though keeping our windows closed up tight helps us keep our homes warm, it may also cause odors to linger a bit longer. Without the option of airing out your home, you may find yourself smelling weird winter odors. We’ve compiled the top five common causes of winter odors and the best ways to get rid of them!

Odor #1: A musty, moldy smell. Caused by excess moisture in your home. Excess dampness can come from leaks, moisture-creating appliances such as clothes dryers, inadequately ventilated bathrooms, or poorly insulated cold surfaces such as cold water pipes. The solution here is to use a dehumidifier to take the excess moisture out of the air. If the moldy smell continues, get professional help as mold can cause serious problems for both your home and health.

Odor #2: Food odors. Most often caused by fried foods, burnt foods, spicy foods or seafood. An easy fix to clear stinky kitchen air is to boil a few tablespoons of vinegar and water to neutralize the air.

Odor #3: Burnt dusty smell. Often caused by your heating system. When dirt and dust accumulate in your furnace, HVAC or ducts it will cause a burnt and dusty smell when the heat kicks on. To help with this make sure you dust all vents, change your air filter regularly and get your heating system maintenance regularly.

Odor #4: Sewage. Often times in winter bathroom odors can magnify. If the smell is coming from the toilet, try adding a cup of full-strength vinegar into the toilet bowl, wait five minutes, scrub the toilet and then flush.

Odor #5: Skunky, rotten smell. Often caused by a dead animal. As the weather gets colder, rodents and other pests look for a warm escape and can make their way into your home. The best way to avoid this is to make sure your home is sealed properly to avoid entrance of unwanted critters.

Those are the top 5 weird winter smells you may find in your home this winter. While you keep your home warm and cozy, may you be able to avoid weird winter odors!

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