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What is a “Shouse”?

What is a “Shouse”?

Shop + House

A shouse (or shome) is a personal workshop or storage space connected to a house or living quarters. The living quarters may be a primary residence or a weekend/vacation property. Shouse’s are often located on land used for hunting, fishing or recreational purposes.

Shouse plans are different from conventional houses and pole barns. However, Shouse plans need to meet local residential building codes just like conventional houses. They also need to account for snow and wind, egress, lighting, venting, pluming, HVAC and more.

Shouse plans have a lot of layout flexibility for interior design due to the nature of the clear-span trusses there are no load bearing walls on the interior (unless a loft or second story is created).

Shouse’s offer plenty of storage space both in the living quarters as well as in the shop area for for bigger items and tools. This is perfect if you do not want the hassle of separate living quarters from your shop/shed. Combining the two could potentially save you money in both construction costs as well as tax dollars when you consolidate your structures.

A shouse may be the perfect fit for someone looking to build a beautiful home at a lower cost. There are many factors that will need to be considered when looking at the cost of a shouse, including square footage, physical location-utilities, landscaping, etc. Another cost component are features such as materials, appliances, storage space, etc. A shouse can be a way to build a beautiful home on a budget!

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