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When to Plant Grass Seed

Are you looking to create a new lawn or seed an existing lawn?

Understanding when to plant grass seed is an important step in creating a new lawn or improving an existing lawn.

The Best Time to Sow Grass Seed: when growing conditions are ideal.

So what are ideal growing conditions?

When the temperatures are consistently above 46°F but not too hot or the seed will bake and die (75°F or above).

When there is plenty of moisture-preferably rain but can also be by sprinkler.

When there is lots of sunlight to encourage growth and photosynthesis.

In Wisconsin, the best time for ideal grass growing conditions is either in the spring or the fall.

Spring is a good time for sowing grass seeds because the temperatures start to rise and there is generally enough rain to provide the moisture needed for germination. Grass growth in spring can happen very quickly, but it is important to watch for weed growth as they grow very quickly in the spring as well.

Fall is said to be the best time for sowing grass in Wisconsin because the soil is warm, the rain comes back after the summer drought, there is still plenty of sun and the weeds are less prevalent in the fall.

Timing out your grass seeding project is important for the seeds to germinate and thrive. With some preparation and attention to the weather conditions your new lawn will thrive!

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