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  • Tim Kraemer

Why Windows Matter

Windows can be a focal point of a home. With many different sizes, shapes and styles of windows, they can add a lot of character to your home. But they can also add a lot of inefficiency to your home. Whether you are looking to replace windows or pick out windows for a new build, read on to find out why windows matter.

Windows can cause your home to be inefficient if they are made of low quality materials or if they are incorrectly installed. Windows will allow some degree of light and heat to pass through. However, they should not be causing your heating or cooling costs to sharply rise.

If improperly installed, gaps and cracks from improper sealing can cause humidity problems in your home. When comes through these cracks, this impacts your heating/cooling systems effectiveness. Eliminating these gaps and cracks can in turn cause heating/cooling costs to lower.

Choosing a high quality window is of importance as well. Windows that are certified ENERGY STAR are treated in a special way. This treatment restricts the type of light that passes through windows and helps keep the outside temperature from affecting the inside temperature of your home. The design and materials of these windows are also under strict requirements to ensure you are getting a high quality product.

Windows are not only a focal, character building part of a home. They are also an important aspect of the heating and cooling efficiency of your home. This is why windows matter.

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