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Wisconsin Lakefront Property

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Are you looking to own a Wisconsin lakefront property?  Lakefront properties can offer so many opportunities that landlocked properties simply cannot.  Fishing, floating, boating.  Even having lake access is a hot commodity these days!  And with Wisconsin having over 15,000 lakes there are endless possibilities of properties to choose from.  Wanting a lakefront property is not out of the norm for Wisconsinites.  However, there are a few things you need to consider before choosing a lakefront property!

Why do you want lakefront property?

Are you looking for beautiful sunrises and sunsets?  A quiet, serene escape?  Or are you looking to fish?  Use a speedboat and makes lots of noise?  Make sure you research the area.  Is it a quiet body of water or a vacation home filled neighborhood?  The neighborhood will make a big impact on what activities are “normal” for that body of water.  And you want to make sure you’ll be able to do the activities you want to without annoying the neighbors!

How is the water year round?

Does the body of water freeze over during winter?  Does it get mucky in the hot days of summer?  Is it a clean body of water?  Will you be able to swim, fish and enjoy the water?  Make sure you aren’t buying into a body of water that isn’t what you want.  If you plan to ice fish, then you better make sure the water freezes over in the winter!  Sounds simple and a bit silly, but it’s the little things that will really make the difference!

Where do you want to be?

Do you want to be right on the water’s edge?  Or are you looking for lake access?  Don’t forget that having lake access is an option.  You might not have a view of the water directly from your property, but you will be able to get to water easily.

Will you build?

If you are planning to buy land and then build, make sure you know what the zoning rules are for that area.  Typically, when building near water there are many rules you will need to follow.  Make sure you’ll be able to follow the rules and are able to afford to build properly.

Are you willing to pay extra?

Be careful with price.  If you find a property that is much lower in price compared to others on the same body of water, make sure you do your research.  You don’t want to buy and then find out that the land frequently floods.  And if buying a property that is already built, remember that they had rules to follow and building on lakefront property likely cost more than the typical home.  Also, consider the fact that there are often higher taxes and fees for lakefront properties.

Are you willing to respect the land?

When buying Wisconsin lakefront property, you are taking on the responsibility to keep your part of that land and water clean.  If you aren’t willing to be an advocate for the body of water, then you should think twice before purchasing.

Lakefront properties can be a great investment.  But it is important that you take the time to do your research, know what you want, and purchase smart.

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