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Wisconsin Single Family Homes

Wisconsin Single Family Homes

The definition of a single family home is: a one unit dwelling structure. It’s a detached home that has open space on all four sides and is not attached to any other structure. A single family home can be rented or owned. There are approximately 2 million single family homes in Wisconsin.

Single family dwellings are common amongst growing families in Wisconsin. A single family home gives you your own space, your own piece of real estate to make your own. However, it is important to keep in mind the rules, regulations and laws that come along with a single family home.

For instance, in Madison there are occupancy standards for single family homes. If the single family home is rented, the tenants are allowed to have family which includes the mother, father, children, foster children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. There is no limit on the number of family occupants by code, however the landlord may have separate rules concerning number of occupants. In a renter occupied single family home the family can also have one to five unrelated occupants depending on the zoning district. For an owner occupied single family home in Madison, the home can have unlimited family members along with up to four unrelated occupants.

Another example of a Wisconsin single family home law is the smoke and CO detector laws. These laws state that all single family homes must have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. At least one smoke detector must be installed on each floor level of the home including the basement and any finished attic space. Carbon monoxide detectors must be installed on each level, including the basement. Attics and storage spaces are excluded from the carbon monoxide detector list.

These are just a few examples of the types or rules single family dwellings must follow in Wisconsin. Penalties vary by location and law. It is important to be aware of the stipulations that come allow with occupying a single family home.

Wisconsin single family homes are of growing population. Whether you are looking to rent, buy existing or build new, make sure you are aware of the rules, regulations and laws in your area.

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