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  • Tim Kraemer

Wisconsin Yard Tips-Shade

Yards are something most Wisconsin homeowners take pride in. From sledding hills to bonfires, year round we work to keep them not only looking nice but functional as well. We work hard to keep our yards looking nice so we can spend time in the beautiful Wisconsin sunshine! But one addition that really tops off a backyard oasis is some shade!

There are many ways to make your yard a place of shade and comfort. Let’s go over some tips for outdoor shade.

· Shade Sails: Fabric shaped like sails, strung from posts. Can add a flare of design and shade to a deck or patio. Need to have posts.

· Pop-up Canopy: Just as the name says, a pop-up set up which can come in different shapes and sizes. Portable and can easily be moved around the yard or taken out for different needs. Can also provide shelter from light rain.

· Retractable Awning: Great option to get the best of both sun and shade when you desire. Can be electric or hand-crank. Installation process is more involved.

· Umbrella: Whether in a table or standing alone, patio umbrellas are another easy option.

· Pergola: A stylish patio cover, though they don’t provide much sun relief as the roof only has slats and not full coverage. Installation requires carpentry skills.

· Trees: Use nature to your advantage and seek out shade from the trees already in your yard, or plant smart so that the tree will offer relief from the afternoon sun.

May your backyard oasis be green, bug free and nicely shaded!

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